In the Bathroom

“The fact that I’m alive right now is the only thing on my mind. I’m happy to be alive. My life matters, my life is important…” … More In the Bathroom


Over the Edge

“Hurry the hell up!” I demand, as Scott, Tyler, and Kim grab their guns out of the back of the Ford Explorer, beads of sweat dripping down our faces in the heat of the summer afternoon. “Yo hold on,” Scott says, grabbing his gun. “Yea dude,” Tyler says, struggling with his weapon. “These things are … More Over the Edge


I’m wasted. No, not wasted as in drunk or high. I mean wasted as in my entire life, thus far, has been a waste. I’ve wasted so many opportunities to do better out of selfishness and stupidity. My mistakes have caught up with me, and I don’t see the point of doing this whole life … More Wasted


It’s a late night. The TV is running. I sit in the middle of the sofa, while she sits to the left of me. There is a silence, and then she puts her feet on my lap. Those legs… Those brown, silky, long legs. I find myself resisting the urge to kiss and lick them. … More Crushed