The Coronavirus pandemic has taught me a lot about society. It has made the inequities in our society even more evident to me. I know that I have said in my about page that I would avoid talking about politics here, but I feel that it is necessary now because the mission of this blog is to promote positivity. There is nothing “positive” about inequality and injustice. Within the past two weeks, the government has launched the largest bailout in history in response to the economic downturn resulting from the pandemic. Much of the United States has been forced into quarantine, the stock markets have crashed, numerous industries are in serious trouble, and unemployment is increasing.

The bailouts have mainly benefited corporations, who have received billions of dollars, while the average working-class American individual was only promised $1200 a month. $1200 is less than what most people pay for rent. For someone like me who still has a decent job, that extra 1200 is going to go a long way. However, for the majority of American workers who have been laid off, $1200 a month will not get them very far. Also, there is no plan on spending this money on anything that can improve healthcare at a time when it is needed. This would be a good time to implement things that will help people during this time like Medicare for all.
Whenever there is an economic downturn, we always have money to bailout out billionaires and corporations. However, once the conversation shifts to things like Medicare for all, student loan debt reform, etc. the response is always “we don’t have enough money!” It shows who is prioritized in our society. When I contemplate all of these things, it gets me angry. Things should not be like this. We need to embrace a more humane way of living. We, as a society, need to be more willing to look out for the least of us. I fear that our country is becoming an oligarchy where only a minority of people have control of all of the resources. Economic mobility is becoming impossible for many people. Most of us get poorer, while a tiny minority gets richer.

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