I live in the United States so that is the place I will focus on.


  • Donald Trump has changed everything. Whether for better or worse is for history to decide. One thing is for certain, after these past four years the US simply cannot go back to “business as usual.” As there was a shift to the far right under Trump, there will also be a shift to the far left. People will rally around extremes. Socialism is already popular among millenials and gen z. Expect more factionalization, and expect it to dominate every aspect of American life even more than it does now. Expect the possibility of extrajudicial violence and domestic terrorism.
  • As technology becomes increasingly advanced, Silicon Valley will have increasing influence over politics. Over the past few years, the tech moguls have replaced the bankers as Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of most Americans. Expect distrust of Silicon Valley to grow.
  • Climate change will be the primary political issue of this decade. As demographics/race/immigration was in the 2010s, the War on Terror was in the 2000s, censorship and freedom of expression was in the 90s, and the War on Drugs was in the 80s. No matter where you fall on this debate, this very issue will be DIVISIVE.


  • AI, 5G, Internet of Things, augmented reality, gene therapy, electric cars, laser warfare. The future is here. It’s now. What was previously only seen in science fiction is rapidly becoming our reality.
  • People will become more aware of social media’s affects on mental health, and as a result, #DeleteFacebook will become even more of a trend than it is now.
  • Computers will continue to become smaller as they always have; smartphones and tablets will be able to do things that conventional computers can do and more, thus making traditional computers irrelevant


  • Traditional media (TV, Radio, film, and Print) will die for good this decade. The internet will become the primary source of entertainment and news. Most homes may not even own TVs by the end of this decade.
  • The lines between genres of music will become even more blurry as more genre-bending artists become popular (i.e. Lil Nas X, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, etc)
  • In fashion, as a result of globalization, the fashion of other regions will become embedded in Western fashion. Fashion will also become more formal, in contrast to streetwear’s dominance of the 2010s.
  • There will be a Fifth Great Awakening at some point in the next thirty years. As depression and suicide rates sore, as politics becomes more and more polarized — people will seek to return to Western society’s first love: the church. Organized religion will restore a sense of meaning and structure in the lives of many Americans.

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