As I grow into adulthood, I am beginning to come to terms with several things: aging parents, drifting apart from friends, and pulling ever closer to the ppl in my life who matter. I have lost a few older relatives to natural causes. Friends who I have not spoken to on a regular basis in years reach out to me, and it’s as if we — as in I and the ppl in my life — are coming to the realization that life is hard, the world is a cold and messed up place, and that we’re better off holding each other close. We’re all in our mid-20s to early-30s. A lot of folks in my life have achieved financial success, married, had kids. A few have even tragically died before they could make it this far.

Gone are the days of high school and college where I could “turn up” and act a fool with my friends, living recklessly, and without a care in the world. I turn 26 years of age in December, meaning I’m going to be taken off of my mother’s health insurance. Wow. It’s scary to think about.

The existentialists call this feeling dread. Realizing that only you, and you alone, are responsible for your fate. Living in the Information Age, where we now carry millions of years worth of knowledge in our pockets, has made this feeling even more profound.

I’m a man now, not a boy. An adult. It’s times like these that we realize how badly we need our Anchor. God is the only one who can carry me through these treacherous times.

Focus on the people, the things, and the places that matter. Focus on the One who matters. Leave the frivolous nonsense in the gutter where it belongs.

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