Notes on Manhood

It took a significant amount of fortitude for me to compose this piece. My manhood, and by extension Black manhood, is not something that I have ever actually examined. I am afraid of examining it because the illusions that surround it are what keep me alive. Shattering those illusions would prove too difficult to bear. … More Notes on Manhood

Notes on Patience

I’ve never been a patient person. I just do not like waiting. I really couldn’t tell you why, and if you were to ask me, I’d probably tell you something silly and cliché like “I value my time” or “I don’t like being disrespected.” However, I’m beginning to realize that my impatience is deeper than … More Notes on Patience

Words of Wisdom #1

Everybody’s afraid of expressing themselves, being who they are. They’re afraid of what their families will think, what they’re friends will think. Listen, if you’re real, if you’ve got the guts, live your life based on your inner convictions. Follow what you think and feel, and stop letting other people define who you are and … More Words of Wisdom #1