It’s a late night. The TV is running. I sit in the middle of the sofa, while she sits to the left of me. There is a silence, and then she puts her feet on my lap. Those legs… Those brown, silky, long legs. I find myself resisting the urge to kiss and lick them. Trying to fight this feeling is pointless. Maybe I should give into temptation just this once.

Then I woke up, and realized that it was just a dream. A dream that will never become reality. I’m just one of the many in a long list of men who seek her attention on a daily basis, and I’m all the way at the bottom. I’m not even honorable mention.

Every day I see her, and my greetings are met with cold shoulders. I’m not the best at taking hints, however. The more she ignores me, the deeper the obsession grows. It just makes me pursue her even more, like a dog chasing a cat. Then I realize that I mean nothing to her. If only she knew the depths of my lust for her. Dreaming about her helps me escape from reality; the reality that I can never have her, never hold her in my arms, never call her mine. The greatest feeling in the world is to love and be loved back, a feeling that I’ll never experience.


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